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Evolve Kefir - a lowfat, immunity drink Evolve Kefir for better digestive health

Evolve Kefir in the news

We think Evolve is the tastiest kefir out there. But don't just take our word for it. Read our latest press below.

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3/31/10 - True Life: Addicted to Kefir (The Luxury Spot)

2/16/10 - Evolve is the Superfood for 2010 (L.A. Splash Magazine)

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11/1/09 - Flu-fighting smoothies (MyCentralNewJersey.com)

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9/15/09 - Rural Small Business Innovation: Dairy Cows to Supermarkets (Small Business Trends Radio)

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Evolve Kefir Low Fat Probiotic Smoothie is Loaded with Delicious Flavor (TheCelebrityCafe.com)

Supermarket Guru on iVillage.com: Evolve Kefir is a hit!

Evolve Kefir featured on DolceDolce.com, a weekly online magazine for women

Probiotics –– a word most people didn’t know until recently –– now rank in the top five foods that people want to add to their diets, according to the NPD Group, which tracks consumer trends.

Probiotics, which literally means “beneficial to life,” are live cultures of billions of friendly bacteria that are similar to those normally found in your body. These cultures provide health benefits that the bacteria already existing in your body do –– such as assisting with digestion and helping protect against harmful bacteria.

With all these health benefits, it makes sense to add kefir to your diet. Why not try Evolve Kefir Probiotic Smoothie today?

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