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Evolve Kefir - a lowfat, immunity drink Evolve Kefir for better digestive health

About Evolve Kefir

As a family owned and operated dairy company based in the New York area, we are committed to offering you healthy, great-tasting and good-for-you products. Our roots trace back 90 years, when we started Elmhurst Dairy, which is still family-owned and operated.

We’ve grown over the years, and so has our product line. In addition to providing an Ultra Pure® line of milks under the Mountainside Farms® brand, it was our desire to expand our line to include kefir, which is a centuries-old beverage packed with a wide array of health benefits from promoting digestive health to reducing cholesterol and even improving immunity.

Evolve Kefir is a probiotic smoothie that was developed out of a mission to improve this nutritious beverage. Evolve Kefir Probiotic Smoothie captures all the health benefits of traditional Kefir, but also possesses:

    - Greater nutritional benefit. Evolve is great for your body! Enriched with fiber, protein, potassium and calcium, one cup of Evolve Kefir is considered an “excellent source” of each of these important and essential ingredients.

    - Smooth, easy-to-drink taste. We’ve refined our formula to be smoother and more fluid than traditional or other kefirs… with a softened tanginess. The Evolve Team has spent several years developing its formula to be more like a yogurt smoothie and therefore appeal to your entire family (even hard to please kids!).

Cyrus Schwartz, President of Evolve Kefir, says, “Unless the product tastes great it will not become a part of the American diet on a regular basis.” We couldn’t agree more. That’s why today, Evolve Kefir is one of the market leaders in healthy probiotic kefir beverages that taste great and are good for you and your entire family.

Kefir is full of beneficial bacteria and thus can be labeled as a probiotic, which is to say that it enhances, and stabilizes the micro-organisms of the intestines. Since kefir is cultured mainly using live, active grains in a medium that is thick and coating, and because of the variety of ‘friendly bacteria’ found within, kefir is known as a superior probiotic and thus enhances immune function. A study published in the 2006 Journal of Immunobiology demonstrated that that kefir has the potential to boost immunity, making it more effective in combating viruses and bacteria that enter the body.

Want to know more about the health benefits of Evolve Kefir Probiotic Smoothie? Click here.

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